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Merci beaucoup de m’avoir envoyé les documents. Je me suis beaucoup réjouis quand je les ai reçus il y a une semaine.
Le DVD est magnifique, parce qu’on peut voir Marcel Dupré jouant de l’orgue d’une manière extrêmement impressionnante. On peut également écouter des conversations avec lui.
En plus, c’est le livre Souvenirs que je considère comme un document absolument intéressant, car il contient nombreuses informations qui ne peuvent être trouvées nulle part ailleurs.
Je suis très heureux qu’il existe l’Association des Amis de l’Art de Marcel Dupré qui préserve l’art et la tradition de Marcel Dupré. Merci pour votre travail.

Tilmann Metzeroth (15/11/2018)

Je suis content d’avoir acheté ce livret [Bernard Gavoty : Marcel Dupré] – un exemplaire tout neuf bien qu’il ait plus de 60 ans ! Lorsqu’il fut imprimé Marcel Dupré vivait toujours (il avait 71 ans) et moi, je n’avais que neuf ans.
Avant son arrivée, je ne savais pas à quoi m’attendre. Peut-être un livre comme celui de Jehan Alain par le même auteur.
En effet, celui-ci n’est qu’un opuscule de 32 pages, dont 15 contiennent 24 photographies : très belles photos, bien sûr, et imprimées avec une qualité exceptionelle.
Les onze pages de texte qu’a écrites Gavoty contiennent un mémoire bref – un hommage d’un ancien élève à un maître bien aimé et admiré.
La production est de très haute qualité : bonne imprimerie sur papier fin.

Version anglaise.

I am glad to have bought this little book [Bernard Gavoty : Marcel Dupré – a brand new copy although it is more than 60 years old! When it was printed, Marcel Dupré was still alive (he was 71) and I was only nine. Before it arrived, I was not sure what to expect.
Perhaps a book like the one by the same author on Jehan Alain. In fact this one is only a pamphlet of 32 pages, of which 15 are of 24 photographs: very good photographs, to be sure, and exceptionally well printed.
The eleven pages of Gavoty’s text are a short memoire – a homage from a former pupil to a much loved and admired master.
The production is of very high quality: fine printing on good paper.

J. Martin Stafford (28/10/2018)


It [the CD with the music for piano] arrived today and I have already listened to the cd once through. Absolutely wonderful! I love his piano music. I guess one could call it impressionistic, a style that I adore. [...]

Again, many thanks. A real treasure.

Frederick B. L. Jones (06/09/2017)

C'est une aubaine que d'accéder désormais à l'oeuvre pour piano de Marcel Dupré. Contrastée mais toute en nuances, cette musique s'inscrit dans le goût français d'un Fauré. Concise et nette, l'interprétation de F.-M. Rignol sert magnifiquement ces pages où l'organiste trouvera matière à mieux comprendre Cortège et Litanie et où les poètes prendront un réel plaisir à la Berceuse, qui comprend des mesures d'une authentique inspiration. La prise de son, rapprochée et feutrée, est tout à fait remarquable. Quant au duo Marguerite Dupré-Pierre Cochereau, c'est une découverte d'autant plus charmante et précieuse qu'elle unit deux artistes merveilleux, l'un mondialement connu, l'autre resté dans l'ombre de son père. Je ne puis donc que recommander chaleureusement l'écoute de cette première mondiale et féliciter tous ceux qui ont permis la sortie de ce CD.

R. M. (04/09/2017)

Firstly, thank you to AAAMD for making this DVD possible - it is a fantastic resource for those of us who love & study French organ music and the French school. Technically the broadcasts were obviously well recorded at the time. I was amazed at the clarity of the 1955 recording at St. Sulpice for instance - the Barker mechanism can clearly be heard, and when watching Dupré at the console one feels almost in the presence of the great man. Despite his age & the arthritis in his fingers, he could still play with authority and musicality. It is incredible to be able to watch him perform & improvise all these years later.

The surprising part of the DVD was the footage taken at Meudon, which was all new to me. I wasn’t expecting the interviews (especially the 1967 recording ‘La nuit écoute’) and therefore this was most fascinating. From photographs taken over many years, Dupré could perhaps be seen to be somewhat austere & aloof, but in fact he came across as warm and even, dare I say it, mortal. This DVD has helped show the humanity of Dupré. It is, however, still awe-inspiring to watch with how much ease he could improvise a double fugue on a subject he was given just seconds before! Incredible.

Merci again ... AAAMD. Continue your great work to promote the life & music of this man.

G. Skinner (24/08/2017)

The fidelity of the Bach recording and CD captures the instrument and room magnificently, except in Tutti registrations with Chamades included (in the G Major Fantasy, the Gravement's closing systems of music), when the recording microphones were perhaps overloaded by the omnidirectional sound sources.

As for interpretation, aesthetics, and performance, I mentioned to you my St. Sulpice organ loft audition and view spot (summer of 1970?) in a previous Email: I also recall from that all-too-brief vignette how bent his fingers were with age, wear and tear, and his lowered wrist and hand positions on the keyboards, pulling the keys down instead of pushing them from above (from years of heavy key actions). Given that reality, the recordings are priceless time capsules of the composer, organist, improviser and performer.

The Franck Grand Piece Symphonique brilliantly displays Dupre's close affinity with Franck's music, manner and style. In the Fantaisie en La I wondered at the absence of the traditional Voix Humaine in favor of string celestes, but guessed there were periodic (or seasonal) tuning and/or voicing problems that necessitated the substitution.

The Dupre/Dupre CD includes two of his best know organ compositions -- with his registrations, interpretation and delivery. What a rare treat these three recordings offer!

With repeated thanks,

Ennis Fruhauf (15/08/2017)

The DVD arrived safely the other day. I've watched about half of it so far, but I wanted to let you know that I think it's absolutely excellent. Thank you very much for making the fims available - it's a privilege to still be able not only to see the master at work, but also to listen to him speak!

David Burn (24/04/2017)

I am still amazed at the box set of Mercury Living Presence recordings that have been so well transferred to cd.

The DVD of him playing the first movement of his Symphonie Passion at St. Sulpice is priceless.

Frederick B. L. Jones (11/02/2017)

C'est un document [le DVD] formidable et très touchant, bravo pour tout votre travail et vive l'art de Marcel Dupré!

Olivier Salandini (19/01/2017)

Quel plaisir d'entendre Marcel Dupré sur nos supports d'écoute actuels. Les prises de sons sont magnifiques, le "nettoyage" électronique a été très bien fait, de sorte que le bruit de fond peut passer inaperçu. Non seulement ce coffret de 10 CD nous permet d'entendre le jeu et la registration de Dupré, mais également entendre des instruments tels qu'ils sonnaient à l'époque. C'est un véritable enchantement, on ne peut que regretter l'absence de certaines pièces de et par Marcel Dupré !

Jean-Louis Pras (28/02/2016)

As to the Mercury Living Presence box set, of course the sound is far superior; the re-mastering is excellent. I compare my very well-played vinyl to the cds and there really is no comparison. The sound is much clearer and the bass practically blows my stereo apart. In fact, I am loath to turn on my small sub-woofer because when the two 32's sound on the bottom note, WOW! The only previous cds I bought before the box set were the two Philips ones both of which were recorded at St. Ouen. Because I have played them a lot I really didn't listen to them much after I received the box set at Christmas. They are very good as well. I did not own one of the Bach recordings done at St. Sulpice and it is a revelation especially with the piece Bach experts now call "Piece d'Orgue". Anyway, sir, what you and your companions do for us lovers of the pipe organ is wonderful for which I am grateful.

FJ (25/02/2016)

I received the CD set a few weeks ago and have had a chance to listen to many of the discs. This is just such a wonderful box set, informative on many levels, well produced and the sound is quite good. Some of the recordings I have on vinyl records and one recording I have on a Mercury re-issue CD. My only slight criticism is the Mercury reissue from St. Thomas in 1992 had a slightly more lovely timber, especially noticeable on the more subtle stops. Thank for this great effort for such a brilliant talent.

DS (7/02/2016)

I have managed to work my way through all the CDs which arrived safely and are wonderful! I had the original LPs of some of the St Sulpice recordings which I bought in the 1960s - Vol 1 Bach Preludes and Fugues in D, A minor and E minor, Vol 2 Dupre playing his own works and Vol 5 Dupre Preludes and Fugues Op 36 and Messiaen but somehow missed out on Vol 3 of Cesar Franck works and Vol 4 Bach Schubler Chorale Preludes and Fantasias. I also had the St Thomas New York LP of Widor and Dupre but not the other of the Franck 3 Chorals. So some of the recordings I already knew and loved. The improvement on the sound is amazing, especially as my LPs are quite well worn, the Bach Preludes especially!! I have to say I enjoyed CD1 of the Franck works at St Thomas Church NY least. The sound is brilliant but maybe it is the shrillness of the American organ compared to Cavaille-Coll, but I find Dupre’s playing of the Chorales rather stilted and cold, and rather on the fast side for my liking, especially No 3 which is one of my own party pieces! Although it’s important that Dupre emphasised that he had inherited this very straight interpretation as the correct way to play Franck from his teacher Guilmant who was himself of course a pupil of Franck! By contrast I recently bought a 4 CD set of Schweitzer playing Bach, one of the Mendelssohn Sonatas and the 3 Franck Chorales. I’ve searched long for what appeals to me as the ultimate performance of these wonderful works and I was absolutely blown away by Schweitzer’s performances! I have recordings by Daniel Roth which I love but I think Schweitzer tops even that for me!! I’d never before heard him play anything but Bach but these Franck performances are stunning and bring out for me all the incandescent beauty and majesty of these works! It’s wonderful to have the recordings of Dupre playing his own works and I’d never heard the wonderful performance of the Symphonie Passion at St Ouen before. This is absolutely wonderful. I also have the recording made by the very young Pierre Cochereau on both the LP and re-issued on CD at Notre Dame before the organ there was altered by Boisseau which it is interesting to compare. Of course Cochereau was a pupil of Marcel Dupre! I wouldn’t be without either performance!! Dupre’s playing of Bach is I think absolutely magnificent! Of course Widor, Dupre and Schweitzer all said that the clarity and warmth of the foundation stops of the Cavaille Coll organ made it the ideal instrument for performing Bach, and I’ve always been convinced by this too, although now there are plenty of fine recordings of Bach on contemporary German instruments. I absolutely loved the CD of Dupre playing Chorale Preludes at St Ouen which I didn’t know before and I shall enjoy this CD many times over along with the other CDs of his Bach performances! One criticism I had was Dupre’s registration built up in the central Grave section of the Fantasia in G BWV 572. I heard this done by another French organist in a recital at Notre Dame de France in London several years ago and it made me flinch!! Compared with Dupre’s performance of the central Alla Breve section of the D major Prelude which he plays without change on the fonds at a restrained tempo, this brings out the magnificent architecture of Bach’s music, using the anches for the brilliant scales of the opening section and the final section. I wish Dupre had played the Fantasia in the same mode!! I wonder if that build up in the Fantasia is a particularly French tradition? When I started to learn the organ in the late 1950s organ recordings were few and far between!! At my school there was a record library which contained quite a few 78 records of Bach played by Marcel Dupre and Albert Schweitzer, mostly on the Alexandra Palace and Queens Hall organ in London. These were my models for how to play Bach, plus of course the LP of Dupre playing the 3 Preludes and Fugues at St Sulpice, and have been since! I’ve managed to get CDs which contain all these 78 Bach recordings, particularly Dupre playing the Fantasia and Fugue in C minor which is magnificent, his playing of the G major Prelude and Fugue and Schweitzer playing the little E minor Prelude and Fugue BWV 533. This is another of my party pieces! Amusingly I played it for a master class given by the late David Sanger who was President of our local organists’ association. The performer before me had played a Mendelssohn Prelude and Fugue and David Sanger’s comment after I played the Bach Little E minor was that I had made it sound more like Mendelssohn than Mendelssohn!! While he was being critical of my interpretation, I actually took it as a compliment!! I still play it in the same way, modelled on Schweitzer’s performances. These 78 recordings of course suffer from not very good sound, recorded in the late 1920s and early 1930s but the playing is absolutely wonderful and of course both Dupre and Schweitzer were at the height of their powers. Mind you, Dupre was still at the height of his powers in the 1950s and 60s when he was in his 70s as the CD shows totally!!! The story about the recording of the Saint Saens organ symphony is wonderful of Dupre playing from memory but still knowing when Paul Paray gave a bar number to go back to, Dupre knew exactly where that was!!! I never knew that Pul Paray and Dupre were childhood friends and their performance of the Symphony is wonderful and a lasting memory to two great musicians. Despite my negative comments about one or two issues, I’m enjoying the CD set enormously. As I said, Dupre was one of my models when I started playing the organ and I still have the photo of him at the console of St Sulpice, which I rescued from the record cover of my wrecked LP of him playing Widor’s 5th and 9th Symphonies, on top of the console of my organ at home! As I said before, I hope you will be able to re-issue that recording in due course. By the way, in the 5th Symphony one of the middle movements was omitted, which is a shame as it is one of the few movements from the Widor Symphonies that I can just about manage to play!! Most of his music is technically far beyond my modest ability alas!! Do you know if Dupre actually recorded that movement and was the omission by the record company? Do you know the reason it was left out? I shall be coming back shortly to buy the DVDs of Dupre playing which look to me a “must have”!! Once again many congratulations for the work of the Association des Amis!!

Paul Austen (27/01/2016)

The box set is fantastic.

Jan van der Wal (27/01/2016)

Coffret magnifique à avoir absolument ..Dupré est génial (peut être pas sur tout !!) mais qu'importe c'est Marcel Dupré. Le Maître de tous.... Merci à l'association d'avoir ressuscité ces enregistrements.

Serge Campione (18/01/2016)

The New Year has delivered a magnificent present for admirers of the art of the French organist Marcel Dupré. The totality of his 8 Mercury Living Presence albums has been lovingly transferred to the digital realm by the son of the original producer, Wilma Cozart Fine. Using the latest technology he has been able to use the original 3-track tapes, once described to me by WCF herself as unplayable. Not so, says Tom Fine. The release, using packaging similar to the three MLP cubes familiar to many record lovers, has been made available non-commercially through the association known as Les Amis de Marcel Dupré (Google it) as well as commercially via the usual outlets. And the price is something of a gift for non-members, Euros 44. (vs Euros 54 at amazon.fr) Included in the 10-CD album are two CDs recorded by French Philips, and previously available on CD, of 10 Bach Chorals and Dupré's own Symphonie-Passion plus three other works all recorded on the Cavaillé-Coll organ of Saint-Ouen de Rouen. The MLP recordings were either made at St. Sulpice or in New York and Detroit. As this box has just walked in the door, I have not yet heard the results, but given the near maniacal attention to detail of the Fine family, this will be as good as it gets. Sans hésitation, as they say.

T. D. (11/01/2016)

J’ai commencé à écouter les enregistrement de Dupré. C’est remarquable ce système de technologie qui a été employé. C’est d’une extraordinaire fraicheur.

P. M. (15/12/2015)

Vous comprenez que ce temps de l’Avent est d’une grande activité pour les organistes, j’ai écouté donc les “variations sur un Noël” pour commencer et cela me donne vraiment du bonheur: être témoin de ce que l’auteur voulait laisser comme message aux auditeurs est fascinant. Il y a tellement de versions de cette œuvre, toutes plus “virtuoses” les unes que les autres. Ici, le tempo “parfait” (car c’est celui de l’auteur!) me conforte dans ma propre approche de chaque mouvement, où j’ai toujours refusé de jouer “à la limite de la vitesse possible” mais préféré la musicalité.

D. M. (10/12/2015)

J’espère que des amis les achèteront ! c’est remarquable tant dans le rendu que l'émotion que procurent ces films [DVD avec les 4 émissions télévisées] et enregistrements.

L. Baudot, organiste à Notre-Dame de la Ciotat (30/11/2015)

Simplement génial !

Daniele Tobio (28/11/2015)

New-york, Paris : Widor, Dupré, Messiaen.
Trois CD me paraissent fondamentaux par rapport à l'art de Marcel Dupré : ceux qui témoignent de son interprétation d'un maître (Widor) et d'un élève (Messiaen) et de celle de ses propres oeuvres.
Techniquement, les enregistrements remasterisés sont une merveille. Musicalement, le jeu de Marcel Dupré nous apprend (ou nous rappelle) ce que furent pour plus d'une génération d'organistes-concertistes professionnels les bases d'une technique hors pair. Quant à l'interprétation, elle constitue une référence inégalée : la confrontation avec des enregistrements modernes (Messiaen jouant sa Nativité, Chaisemartin jouant les Variations sur un Noël, Vernet jouant la deuxième symphonie de Widor) donne la mesure du talent et de l'intelligence de Dupré.
Sa sensibilité apparait mieux dans ce qu'il nous propose de ses oeuvres mêmes : du recueillement de son Lamento au brillant de son Carillon et de son Final en passant par le magnifique Cortège et Litanie (disponible également par Cochereau sur Youtube...), c'est une palette entière qui s'étale. Le coloriste (que revendiquait Rolande Falcinelli) perce sous le contrapunctiste bien connu (art supérieur développé ailleurs dans ses improvisations), comme le montrent les trois préludes et fugues enregistrés à Saint-Sulpice. De purs moments de grand art !

R.M. (24/11/2015)

Ce coffret de disques est un beau produit, et le livret fourmille d'anecdotes sur les séances d'enregistrement. Les interprétations sont caractéristiques du jeu de Marcel Dupré : clarté polyphonique dans Bach, rythme altier dans ses propres oeuvres (notamment le final du Triptyque). Enfin, les oeuvres de Franck jouées à Saint Sulpice m'ont vraiment impressionné : quelle hauteur de vue!

J.L.F. (22/11/2015)

Incredible quality,I hear the Master in live. Thank you for doing this project,it's a remarkable work!

Zoltan Majer (18/11/2015)

Cette re-édition est un miracle.

K.S. (4/11/2015)

This re-issue is a miracle.

K.S. (4/11/2015)

Veuillez accepter mes félicitations pour la sortie en CD des enregistrements qu’a faits Marcel Dupré à Saint Sulpice en 1959. J’ai acheté Vol.2 et Vol. 5 en microsillon il y a plus de 50 ans lorsque je n’avais que 15 ans, et j’attendais depuis longtemps leur sortie en CD. J’ai acheté les CDs cette semaine. Tout a été très bien fait.


J. Martin Stafford (23/10/2015)

Please accept my congratulations on the release on CD of the recordings that Marcel Dupré made at St Sulpice in 1959. I bought Vols. 2 and vol. 5 as LPs more than fifty years ago when I was only 15 and had long awaited their release on CD. I bought the CDs this week. Everything has been done very well.

Best regards.

Martin J. Stafford (23/10/2015)

J'ai reçu le coffret des 10 CD lundi. J'ai écouté la majorité des disques et je suis émerveillé.

On entend l'orgue de St-Sulpice comme on ne l'entend pas habituellement sur disque et encore moins sur place car l'écoute est naturellement indirecte. J'avais la plupart de ces disques noirs, mais le résultat les surpasse tous. Ce projet vous a sûrement demandé beaucoup de travail. Vous méritez bien des félicitations!

Marcel Dupré, malgré ses doigts douloureux et difformes, se surpasse on ne sait comment, surtout dans la Symphonie Passion que l'on ne peut écouter sans émotions!

Quant aux interprétations de Bach, il s'agit d'un monument de la grande école d'orgue de Widor et de Guilmant qui ont été des précurseurs. Cette approche était fondée sur des bases auxquelles on croyait à cette époque là. C'est comme en philosophie: On peut affirmer des choses à la condition de les justifier par des arguments. On ne jouerait plus Bach de cette façon mais ce n'est pas une raison pour qualifier de banal et sans fondements cette approche de Dupré qui nous a laissé d'ailleurs des éditions d'une qualité vraiment remarquable de présentation et de précision. Je suis bien impressionné par le rendu sonore de ces CD, comme je viens de vous l'écrire et vous aurez servi encore une fois magistralement la cause de Marcel Dupré.

R.G. (21/10/2015)

Permettez-moi de vous remercier d'avoir soutenu le beau projet de réédition en CD des disques Mercury et Philips en 33 tours de Marcel Dupré, j'attendais cela depuis longtemps sans pourtant oser y croire!, et je n'avais rassemblé en 33 tours qu'une partie de ces enregistrements que j'écoutais déjà avec grand plaisir et intérêt.

J.N. (12/10/2015)

J'ai eu cet immense privilège de le connaitre et même de le côtoyer dans mon adolescence.

Mais, jamais, je n'ai entendu Marcel DUPRE jouer comme cela !

Une rythmique d'horloge Suisse, un legato absolu,des respirations franches et nettes, une virtuosité époustouflante qui ne trahit jamais le caractère de l'oeuvre.

Un exposé des thèmes d'une clarté limpide !

Du grand art. Ce coffret de CD est Fabuleux !

Il est le grand témoignage pour la postérité !

Ce qui était acquis est désormais irréfragable : Marcel DUPRE a régné en grand maître mondial de l'orgue, sur le vingtième siècle.

Le plus grand : c'est lui !

Merci à l'AAAMD et Bravo !

J.M. (29/09/2015)

I had the immense privilege to know and be close to him even in my teens.

But, never have I heard Marcel Dupré playing like that!

A Swiss clock rhythm, an absolute legato, frank and sharp breaths, breathtaking virtuosity that never betrays the character of the work.

A crystal clear presentation of the themes!

Great art. This CD set is Fabulous!

He is the great testimony for posterity!

What was gained is now irrefutable: Marcel DUPRE was the greatest and most important organist of the twentieth century.

The greatest: this is him!

Thank you to AAAMD and Bravo!

J.M. (29/09/2015)

Bonjour et un grand merci pour l'envoi du coffret! Merci d'avoir réalisé ce portrait sonore de Marcel Dupré, et j'espère qu'il aura tout le retentissement qu'il mérite! Encore bravo et bien sincèrement, M.M. (28/09/2015)

Good morning and a great thank you for the sending of the box set! Thank you to have achieved this Marcel Dupré's sound portrait, and I hope it will have all the attention it deserves! Congratulations, sincerely,

M.M. (28/09/2015)

Bien entendu, je connaissais déjà les enregistrements de par leur publication en disque vinyle, mais après avoir écouté ce soir le premier CD de votre coffret (Franck à St. Thomas, New York), je suis déjà tout à fait enthousiasmé : quelle clarté, quelle beauté dans le son ! La préparation et la réalisation de ce coffret vous ont, je pense, pris un temps et une énergie considérables. Maintenant que j'ai le résultat "sous les oreilles", puis-je me permettre de vous dire que votre peine n'était pas vaine et que l'enjeu en valait *vraiment* la chandelle !

C.O. (25/09/2015)

Of course, I already knew the recordings on vinyl, but after listening tonight to the first CD of your case (in St. Thomas Franck, New York), I'm already very enthusiastic: what clarity, what beauty in the sound! The preparation and production of this coffret, I think, has taken considerable time and energy. Now that I have the result "in the ears," I can say that your commitment was not in vain and that the game was worth the candle. * really *!“

C.O. (25/09/2015)

Je suis absolument emballé par le coffret DUPRE; j'ai déjà écouté plusieurs CD, c'est vraiment une belle réussite !

P.H. (24/09/2015)

I am absolutely thrilled about the Dupré box set; I've listened to several CDs, it really is a great success!

P.H. (24/09/2015)